Hi everybody. welcome to our site! There is not a lot to see yet, as you can see in the Sitemap to the left.

The Genealogy section has changed drastically, as I have changed over to webtrees, which has a lot more capabilities than the program I used before.

"Our Travels" is a photographic story of several of our voyages that we have undertaken so far. The largest and longest was a trip of nearly 6 years with a homebuild camper.

Everything listed under Art or Animals, are photographs sorted on different aspects. All of those also appear in "Our Travels"

Not all links are working yet, because a lot of pictures still have to be processed, but have a look once in a while.

In Genealogy, you can change the language, the travels are all in Dutch. Also, if you are using IE8, please set it to compatibility mode for my site, otherwise it will be scrambled!

Last version 20 november 2010.